We start the year of 2020 with VOX Wellbeing

Posted in News on 13.01.2020

On average, a person spends a third of their time at work, so often the office becomes a complex environment that combines the workspace with relaxation. We have prevented this new trend and we are bringing good news for the beginning of the year.

January marks the opening of the largest and most technologized sports club in Timisoara – Nextfit. On an entire floor of the VOX Building, it offers  state-of-the-art fitness equipment and top trainers, as well as nutritional consulting.

Another surprise is the well-known Breathless beauty salon, which offers, besides the usual services of hairstyles, manicures and cosmetic treatments, a series of professional body treatments.
Nextfit and Breathless open their doors on Saturday, January 18, 2020, during an Open Days event, with free access to classes (prior appointment required) and use of the equipment, gift vouchers and many other surprises for participants.

The Open Days Weekend will start on Saturday, January 18, at 10:00, with access until Sunday evening.
“We thought it was the right time to offer our tenants and the residents in the area a complex lifestyle experience. Thus, this year we are focusing our attention on healthy living in the workplace. We call it VOX Wellbeing, and it is a concept through which we bring together established brands from Timisoara, to offer those services that are indispensable when you are in the office all day: moving and pampering. In 2020 we will leave excuses behind and enjoy an active and healthy life, from all points of view ”, says Erika Baumann, marketing manager of Vox Technology Park.

Nextfit fitness club supports and complements the“ VOX Wellbeing” concept with a series of personalized training and top technology for all movement lovers to reach their goals in 2020. We are promoting an active lifestyle and we strongly believe it is sport that maintains a long-term health of body, mind and spirit. Starting January the 18th at 10 am, you can start training at Nextfit VOX. We invite all those interested to experience the benefits of an active and healthy life to join us!”, Says Raluca Basu, Nextfit brand manager.

“Breathless HOUSE was born from the desire to take the concept of beauty salon to the second level. In our opinion, when leaving the beauty salon you have to feel fully relaxed and satisfied. Thus, besides our professional team, you will discover a welcoming atmosphere, smiles and happy clients. ”– Alina Mihalache, Breathless manager.

Nextfit and Breathless together represent an investment of approximately 1.3 million euros in the arrangement of the space and the endowment with the latest generation equipment. To this investment, there will also be added a new restaurant area oriented towards a healthy lifestyle, which will open in the middle of this year.