Vox Vertical Village has been awarded BREEAM Excellent – 80.8% highest preliminary certification score for a residential building

Posted in News on 28.04.2020

Even though during this period, the world seems to have stood still due to the coronavirus pandemic, at Vox Vertical Village in Timisoara the works continue their natural course. Moreover, the good news continues to arrive, like a ray of hope, despite the hard times we are all going through.

Therefore, the extraordinary news is that Vox Vertical Village Timisoara received the BREEAM Excellent Preliminary Certificate for the design stage, thus obtaining the highest score ever awarded to a residential project, 80.8%. This means that the project is extremely environmentally friendly, a rarity for Romania.

Initially I created the office building, I saw that things are fine, so I kept adding. Fortunately, there was a lot of openness from the developer, we reached the best result, and at the beginning of 2019 we obtained a certificate with a high score. Then I started Vox Vertical Village,  we hit the road with the new project in which I analyzed all kinds of things, from vegetation, which is something experimental for Romania, to thermal comfort. We did thermal comfort studies because, for example, if you sit by a window in the winter, it might be colder there than in the rest of the room, and if you stay in the same place during summer, it might be warmer there. So my proposal was to thicken the heating paths in the floor, towards the window, and the air conditioners will be positioned so that it blows towards the window. Then other areas, such as the bedrooms next to the staircase, could be colder, so I supplemented the thermal insulation. We also analyzed the acoustic comfort and it was supplemented in some places with plasterboard, and the examples can continue “, explained Adrian Pop, BREEAM consultant of Vox Vertical Village.

What exactly does this certificate mean? Well, he talks about “user comfort and building quality.”

This certificate helps us guarantee the quality of work. The certificate means an impact on the environment. A statement and responsibility of the group: user comfort and construction quality“, Adrian Pop also explained.

What is important to know is that Vox Vertical Village in Timisoara is one of the few residential projects in Romania that has obtained such a BREEAM certificate for the design stage.

In fact, the BREEAM consultant states that the residential projects in Romania that obtain such a certification can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and of all, Vox Vertical Village from Timisoara obtained the highest score.


BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is a method of assessing the environmental performance of buildings. This method was developed in the UK by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). BREEAM is the most widely used method currently used to assess the impact of buildings on the environment. BREEAM is a standard for sustainable design and has become the main tool for assessing the environmental performance of a building. BREEAM is applicable to both existing and new buildings.