Vox Technology Park obtains the first BREEAM In-Use Outstanding v6 Certification the highest existent score accorded on a global level


Vox Technology Park office building from Timisoara has obtained the BREEAM In-Use v6 sustainable certification with Outstanding rating, the highest existent score accorded on a global level, thus being the first project in Romania with this ranking, based on the latest standard version, issued in May 2020.

BREEAM v6 is the latest and most rigorous sustainable certification version for real estate assets issued by British BRE, the global leader in the evaluation and sustainable certification of buildings.

The latest BREEAM certification scheme brings numerous improvements in terms of assessing the results registered by the management of the building, regarding health in closed environments, in a general context dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and also the adaptation to climate changes, in addition to all the parameters included in previous versions.

”The In-Use certification obtained by Vox Technology Park certifies our commitment towards a highly efficient building management, sustainability and energy efficiency.

In addition, a more secure work environment in this pandemic context and the lowest possible impact on the environment were our fundamental principles as implementing these standards”, stated Virgil Tornoreanu, Managing Partner of Vox Property Group, the developer and owner of Vox Technology Park.

”Following the initial BREEAM Excellent certification for Design Stage, with a score of 86,7%, we have now analysed how the building operates and the way it is managed, based on the criteria from the latest and
most rigorous BREEAM certification version.

The new standard, launched in May 2020, brings numerous improvements compared to the previous versions, in addition to all the existing parameters: energy efficiency, comfort, waste management, biodiversity and existing facilities in the building and its surroundings”, stated Adrian Pop, architect and BREEAM assessor within ADP Green Building.

The BREEAM In-Use certification is a complete one, covering both Asset Performance, with a score of 95%,
and also Management Performance, with a score of 91,3%, both Outstanding ratings.

In addition to creating a healthy work environment and ensuring a low impact on the surrounding environment, where all newly constructed buildings in Romania are obliged to reduce their carbon footprint, according to the European directives, an Outstanding certified building can obtain up to 20% lower energy
and resources consumption.

The In-Use certification is valid for a three-year period and is obtained, in some cases, by owners who want
to certify the level of sustainability and its results during the operation process. In-Use certifications are also a tool with which building owners can draw up a plan in order to improve the sustainability and the results registered by an asset, periodically confirming the building’s state and whether the management of the asset is efficient and attentive to the needs of potential tenants.