Testimonial from one of the happy owners of Vox Vertical Village residence (Dorel R.)

Posted in Projects on 12.11.2018

Like every developer, we are proud of our own project, so we want to make sure that the market shares the same view. Of course, there have been many pros and cons, but everyone appreciates the uniqueness of the project, which is why we have decided to show you feedback for one of our customers.

What did you notice when you first heard about the Vox Vertical Village project?

The first time I heard about the project, my reaction was “WOW”. I was particularly glad that there was such a project, quite different from the monotony of gray blocks, and the fact that a local real estate developer asked themselves “What if we would build something different?” Shortly after I saw the project I was immediately interested in more details.

To what extent did the amenities included in the project (outdoor swimming pool, gym, concierge) affect your decision-making?

The amenities included in the project have been a great deal, especially since no developer has ever thought of providing both security and relaxation for customers who get home after a busy day.

In comparison to living in a house, what do you think would be the advantages of Vox Vertical Village?

Many friends and collaborators of mine have also expressed their opinion, saying that it would have been better to buy a house, not an apartment at the cost of a house. However, I realized that after a week of work, I really want to relax. Instead of trimming the lawn, cleaning the garden, or repairing the house, I could finally just do that: relax. Many customers, unfortunately, do not realize that there is always something to do at a house, otherwise, it deteriorates in time and I am talking from my own experience, after living forty years in a house.

Have you compared Vox Vertical Village with other residential projects in Timisoara? If yes, what were the differentiation points?

I did compare the project with all of the projects offered by real estate developers in Timisoara, but their offer did not justify the asking price, including those offers which were either claiming good positioning, project advantages or spacious living space. When you decide to buy a home, I think you have to do it with your heart, not just with your wallet and a mentality that lacks vision.

What would you recommend to prospective buyers?

My recommendation is not to the future customers, but to all those who want to feel relaxed, safe and comfortable when they get home. Also, I would recommend them to make a choice that they will enjoy and makes them feel special each and every day, in an exquisite project, like Vox Vertical Village.

What expectations do you have, even after the purchase, from the developer?

My expectations are that the developer respects the promises made. I also think that throughout the project, they should listen to their customers, if these opinions are constructive and achievable. Any mistakes should be immediately corrected and they should ignore negative impressions from malicious individuals. I think that it is foremost important that they dared to dream of something different and now this dream becomes a reality in Timisoara.

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