House in the sky – your new premium home

Posted in Projects on 06.11.2018

Imagine this: living in a home with an amazing panorama over the city, having your own garden, control temperature over a mobile app… having your feet in the pool and your windows to the sky. We incorporated all of that and many more: cinema, a fully equipped gym, an innovative security system, and contemporary finishes.

You will be able to call all of this “my home”, only in Vox Vertical Village Timisoara.

We are talking about the “house in the sky”, a home where you have neighbors by your side, but still spacious enough that you won’t bother each other: a home with a fabulous garden which isn’t piling up your chores by needing to be mown of taken care of; a house where floor heating is not an extra, but a built-in feature meant to offer you comfort. Welcome to Vox Vertical Village – the home of your dreams.

Through Vox Vertical Village, we bring a national premiere in the residential field, right here in Timisoara.

The residences are disposed on ten levels in an ingenious way so that they do not overlap perfectly, creating spacious gaps filled with light and greenery. This also allows means that homes don’t have more that one wall in common with the neighboring residence.

120 such houses and six penthouses are available in the new building. The largest terrace has 201sqm and the smallest 18sqm. In total there will be 7,000sqm of green spaces and 6,000sqm of common internal areas in the Vertical City that stands up during this period in Timisoara.

These smart homes, surrounded by gardens, are made from premium materials that comply with international quality standards. 

For the construction of these movie-like homes, we are only using revolutionary, top materials. Nor could it be otherwise, because it is the only project of its kind, existing in Romania, certified by BREEAM for “green buildings”.

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