Vox Vertical Village

Vox Vertical Village is a daring residential project which encompasses 120 house-like apartments in a 10-floor building that shapes a unique neighbourhood. It is the only residential project in Romania which is built according to BREEAM standards and has been awarded the score of Excellent (80.8%) – the highest preliminary certification score for a residential building.


Vox Property Group

BREEAM score

80.8% – Excellent


13 Aurel Pop Street, Timisoara

Release date


Parking lots138
Terraces7,400 sqm
Green areas7,000 sqm
Shared spaces5,000 sqm


The smart home facilities and premium materials used in creating these apartments offer an increased asset value over time. Each apartment has extra spacious terraces and plants that go along with them, which are adapted to survive and thrive in Timisoara’s climate conditions.

Also, the residents get extra benefits from their vertical village: swimming pool, cinema, gym, concierge, indoor and outdoor gardens. Everything they need to relax, just outside their doorstep.

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The concept behind Vox Vertical Village

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of a flat building? Probably a box-type structure, crowded apartments with small rooms, pocket-size balconies and narrow shared spaces.

What if we can develop the opposite of this stereotype by designing an open structure building? By creating independent apartments separated by large corridors, lavishing suites with plenty of room and replacing the old balcony concept with an extensive private terrace we created something rare. The sentiment of having your own house and backyard, inside a vertical plan building.

The whole concept for Vox Vertical Village started out from the traditional pattern of connected apartments. We isolated them into 12 residences and transformed the traditional hallways into a spacious atrium, surrounded by houses, gardens, and terraces. Thereafter we scaled this model on all 10 floors and created a vertical village.

As a result, we developed a new type of apartment and a new experience of living in the city, while maintaining the privacy and connection to nature of each residence.

BREEAM Excellent – score 80,8%

Vox Vertical Village is the only residential buiding in Romania which has been awarded awarded BREEAM Excellent (80.8%) – the highest preliminary certification score for a residential building in our country.

This certificate is a statement and also a commitment of Vox Property Group – to provide lasting comfort and construction quality.

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the most used evaluation method for assessing the environmental impact of a building. It is a standard for sustainable design and has become the main tool for assessing the environmental performance of a building.

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