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Vox Technology Park is the only business hub in Romania to have reached the score of 95% according to BREEAM International standards. In only 2 years, Vox Technology Park has become one of Timisoara’s most important hubs, sought after by corporations and start-ups for its A-class offices and versatile floor space – from 1,100 sqm to 3,500 sqm.


Vox Property Group

BREEAM Outstanding


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69 Torontalului Avenue, Timisoara

Total area35,136 sqm
Total office area26,266 sqm
Floor size1,100 to 3,500 sqm
Suspended terrace750 sqm
Underground parking5,880 sqm
Gym area2,100 sqm


Vox Technology Park features over 26,000 sqm office spaces and exquisite architecture, in accordance with the latest standards of safety and quality. The advanced technologies and materials used for this project are eco-friendly, making Vox Technology Park a modern, energy-efficient building.

For maximum safety and to avoid the risks that come with password-based security, the access to the building is based on biometric authentication using a mobile app.

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The concept behind Vox Technology Park

Imposing and bold, Vox Technology Park building catches your eye even from a distance. Still you are blown-away by its dominant ark structure when you get close. Built on a total surface area of 35,136 sqm, Vox Technology Park has an ten-storey section interconnected with a seven-storey one, which lets you imagine a white steel and blue glass ark. However, on this ‘vessel’ business takes place on a daily basis, new software is developed and creative ideas come to life.

From the small offices of VOX Co-Work, to entire floors up to 3,500 sqm, small startups and global enterprises call Vox Technology Park their second home.

Vox Technology Park is located on Torontalului Avenue, close to many key points in Timisoara which makes it easily accessible by all means of transport. This iconic building has attracted new business and talent to this part of the city and has inspired the growth of a new community in the area.

With residential projects handed over and developed each year, the neighbourhood is going through an urban revival process, with Vox Technology Park standing tall at the heart of it.

BREEAM Outstanding – score 95%

Vox Tehnology Park has been awarded with the BREEAM International In-Use Outstanding certificate, with at a score of 95%. It’s the highest score ever awarded in Romania for a real estate project, surpassing all projects in other real estate segments.

Merging state-of-the-art technologies and eco-friendly materials resulted in an inexpensive maintenance cost for the building in the long run. Vox Technology Park’s low operation costs and the reduced utilities expenditure from the shared spaces, result in lower service charges for tenant companies.

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