Rivendelle Residence

Eco-friendly and sustainable apartments, premium features and a quiet neighbourhood is all you need to feel at home. Rivendelle Residence focuses on apartments that allow you to escape all the fuss of big city life while still living near the city centre. The apartment complex provides an exciting mix of elaborate spaces, unparalleled services, and a refined community.


Vox Property Group


Studio Arca

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16 Constructorilor Street, Timisoara

Total surface3,456 sqm
Green areas900 sqm
Parking lots93
Storage spaces26


Rivendelle Residence provides easily accessible elevators from the inside of the building and the underground parking, also ensuring access for individuals with disabilities. A variety of services are catered by the concierge for the residents, at the reception desk daily, until 10 p.m.

To make sure everything is well-guarded, the buildings, as well as the underground car park, are equipped with ongoing surveillance systems.

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Commercial spaces

The concept behind Rivendelle Residence

It all started from the simple idea of providing the best housing experience on the market. With that in mind, and the years of experience and dedication brought by the Rivendelle team, the project is now growing into a solid and wonderful work that ultimately serves a community of people who enjoy modern day living.

The Rivendelle Residence experience is enhanced by the newest architectural and interior design trends, offered by the award-winning studio Ezzo Design.

We wanted people to receive more than an empty apartment, so we created three distinctive interior designs, Lorien, Rohan and Eriador that are fitted perfectly in the structure of each apartment. The future owners had the option to have a specific interior design plan or to create their own decor.

Rivendelle Residence consists of two apartment buildings – one with three storyes and the other with five. Each building includes 4 types of residences – studio, 1 bedroom and ½, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, suitable for single owners or families with children. In order to bring service areas closer to home, each building has commercial spaces at ground floor. There are sufficient parking spaces in the underground and ground level car parking. All of the apartments are designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing for an efficient use of energy while protecting the environment.

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