Developing a better tomorrow

We believe in creating dependable and sustainable buildings that can withstand the test of time and can adapt to every change.

The challenge to be unique

Not taking the easy road makes your heart race at times. But this is how you know it is worthwhile. Creating for the future, designing iconic buildings is something you pour your heart and soul into, nevertheless in the end, they will go on as your legacy to the world.

Yet it is not just about the building. It is about the experience it gives to its inhabitants. The comfort and confidence. This is why we embraced BREEAM sustainability standards as our very own. Developing residential, commercial and business projects according to BREEAM standards is a guarantee of achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability performance. It also transforms the building into a green environment that enhances the well-being of the people who live or work in it.

At the heart of urban revival

Creating an iconic building, attracting new business and talent has gone hand in hand to inspire the growth of a new community in the northern part of Timisoara. With new residential projects handed over and initiated every year, the neighbourhood is going through an urban revival process, with Vox Technology Park standing tall at the heart of it.

A new city nucleus is taking shape in Torontalului Avenue, one which incorporates business, leisure and residence. This area has been growing at a fast pace in respects of population and economy and will continue to develop in the future.

Having the space to grow allows us to plan ahead and be at the forefront of this emerging area. We started off a couple of years ago with a business hub that attracted enterprises and talented individuals, followed on with a residential complex like no other, and will continue to grow the area with several projects for commerce and leisure.

62K sqm

Built area

44 mil. €


1. City Centre8 min.
2. Iulius Town10 min.
3. Banking Center7 min.
4. Traian Vuia Airport18 min.
5. A1 Highway27 min.
6. Railway Station12 min.

With great buildings comes great responsibility

We believe it is our responsibility as developers to consider the future of our buildings. The impact they have on the environment, the sustainability they possess over time, the way they can adapt to climate changes. We share these questions and find answers for each challenge that might arise with our long term partners.


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